Knitted pouf

Knitted pouf

This is my first knitting project.

Husband and I have just moved to New York and I have been given the task of furnishing the apartment. I saw these knitted pouf at CB2 and it reminded me of a pattern I stumbled upon previously.

The pattern was from a website called Pickles. It seemed easy enough to make with the knitting part consisting of one big long rectangle piece. However, I encountered some problems and there were some flaws in my final product.

Things I would have done differently if I had the time to do so:

  1. Use thicker yarn – I had bought Big Panda big easy yarn but I think I needed even thicker yarn
  2. I’ve casted on and binded off too tightly so the join is still visible
  3. Continued knitting the rectangle a little longer – after assembling it, the pillow stuffing is visible because it is stretched too much

My first attempt at stuffing the pouf with the duvet and pillow inserts I bought from Ikea didn’t work so well either. I just threw them into the cover so when I sewed up the sides it didn’t keep its shape or height. It was also very lumpy. To fix this, I unstitched two of the opposite sides of the pillow inserts (20×20 inch pillow). I gathered one of the open sides and sewed it together, stuffed the pillow case with the duvets and closed the side up.  See images below:

This was a great pattern regardless and a very good beginners project.

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