Deadmau5 keychain

Deadmau5 keychain

This is an awesome pattern. Another great find.

This is a free pattern from Nerdigurumi. There are so many wonderful patterns on this site. This Deadmau5 free pattern is one of many really cool designs you can find there.

I didn’t follow the pattern exactly as it was written because I needed to cut down the time I was spending on each keychain. I’m getting worried I’m not going to make enough by the wedding.

The Ideal Sphere is definitely the superior technique but it would have meant I had to keep referring to the pattern. I can create a sphere by using the generic technique without even thinking, cutting down production time. I’ve also made the whole keychain smaller than what was written in the pattern. The ears are also created using the generic increase technique.

Following the original pattern is by far better than mine with the tweaks. I guess my friends will just have to settle with a less than perfect version of Deadmau5′ head 🙂

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