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1990 Philosophy and Human Values:
– Course Guidebook [PDF]
– Socrates and the Life of Inquiry [MOV][MP3]
– Epicureans, Stoics, Skeptics [MOV][MP3]
– Kant and the Path to Enlightenment [MOV][MP3]
– Mill on Liberty [MOV][MP3]
– Hegel and Modern Life [MOV][MP3]
– Nietzsche – Knowledge and Belief [MOV][MP3]
– Kierkegaard and the Contemporary Spirit [MOV][MP3]
– Philosophy and Postmodern Culture [MOV][MP3]

1991 Nietzsche and the Post-Modern Condition:
– Course Guidebook [PDF]
– Nietzsche as Myth and Mythmaker [MOV][MP3]
– Nietzsche on Truth and Lie [MOV][MP3]
– Nietzsche as Master of Suspicion and Immoralist [MOV][MP3]
– The Death of God [MOV][MP3]
– The Eternal Recurrence [MOV][MP3]
– The Will to Power [MOV][MP3]
– Nietzsche as Artist [MOV][MP3]
– Nietzsche’s Progeny [MOV][MP3]

1993 Self Under Siege (fixed):
– Course Guidebook [PDF]
– The Masters of Suspicion [AVI][MP3]
– Heidegger and the Rejection of Humanism [AVI][MP3]
– Sartre and the Road to Freedom [AVI][MP3]
– Marcuse and One-Dimensional Man [AVI][MP3]
– Habermas and the Fragile Dignity of Humanity [AVI][MP3]
– Foucault and the Disappearance of the Human [AVI][MP3]
– Derrida and the Ends of Man [AVI][MP3]
– Fatal Strategies [AVI][MP3]